New Synthetic Stamping Lubricant Program

Released: Monday, April 30, 2001

The Harry Miller Corp. has embarked on a product development program in water miscible synthetics for the stamping and fineblanking industries.

Adding to the soluble oil and straight oils program, Harry Miller Corp. supplies the following synthetics to metalworking industries worldwide.

AQUALUBE 2023-FR is a synthetic for all metals that provides enhanced corrosion protection on non-ferrous metals.

AQUALUBE 2025 is excellent for stamping and fineblanking of stainless parts while eliminating the cobalt leaching problem on carbide dies.

AQUALUBE 2028 was developed for those customers requiring a three-month shelf life (corrosion free) after stamping steel parts.

The Harry Miller Corp is a manufacturer of specialty chemicals for the steel and metalworking industries.

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