drawing lubricants - stamping and drawing oils

Drawing Lubricants and Stamping Oils

Drawing and Stamping Lubricants for rods and tubes

Companies making drawn components in today’s metalworking industries face new challenges including:

  • Higher-strength alloys
  • Tighter tolerances
  • Faster speeds
  • New tooling materials

When companies factor in cleaning requirements and environmental concerns, the selection of proper drawing lubricants is critical to the success of the operation.

Harry Miller Corporation makes drawing lubricants designed to handle all of your drawing applications. Whether you need straight oils or water-soluble fluids, these products provide superior performance.

Our product lines for Drawing and Stamping include:

And, if you need hydraulic and way lubes and oils for your machines, contact us for more information.

We offer a complete line of synthetic, straight, vanishing, hydroforming, water-soluble and straight oil drawing and forming lubricants for light to severe duty applications on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We also offer a full spectrum of custom blends for your drawing and stamping operation.

Customer Experience

Harry Miller Corporation was willing to work with us through a variety of complex drawing problems to finally develop a lubricant that met our needs. No other supplier offered the same service or resources.

— Gary Coviello
Technical Support Manager
The Carby Corporation

Customer Experience

A producer of deep drawn metal eyelets was using an “in-house” emulsion of three lubricants to manufacture a brass part with a cosmetic finish. Variations in the lubricant mixture prevented a consistent finish on the part and they noted a limited sump life for the lubricant mixture.

The company needed a water-soluble lubricant to provide ease of mixing, superior lubrication and improved bioresistance. Harry Miller Corp’s experienced technicians designed a custom formula providing a consistently superior surface finish along with a stable emulsion that had greatly improved bio-stability.

The Harry Miller custom solution eliminated the cost and hassle of juggling three separate lubricants and the need to hand-mix the lubricant. The result was lower fluid costs, higher quality finishes and an improved acceptance rate for the brass parts.

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