Hamico® 8936 – Rinse Aid

Hamico® 8936 Rinse Aid is an additive for rinse systems after pickling steel using hydrochloric or sulfuric acids. Hamico® 8936 Rinse Aid prevents the formation of iron hydroxide slimes which typically occur in rinse tanks and prevents surface discoloration on steel exiting the bath. Hamico® 8936 Rinse Aid complexes ferrous iron, thus preventing it from re-depositing.

Hamico® 8936 Rinse Aid buffers the rinse water against sudden drops in pH, due to acid carryover from pickling tanks and protects from flash rusting after rinse operations. It may be used in hot or cold baths.

Hamico® 8936 Rinse Aid is easy to handle and is not corrosive to the skin.

Hamico® Neutralizer 809-L

Hamico® Neutralizer 809-L is a combination of liquid alkalis and surface-active (wetting) agents designed specifically for neutralizing acidic residues from ferrous metals after pickling operations.

Hamico® EDM – EDM Oil

Hamico® EDM is a light colored, transparent, odorless oil for use as the dielectric fluid in EDM (electric discharge machining) operations. It is an extraordinarily pure lubricant with many performance benefits which make it a clear choice as a superior EDM fluid. These benefits include: exceptionally high dielectric strength and clarity, extremely low toxicity, low volatility, outstanding oxidative and thermal stability, low aromatic content, and excellent separation from water.

Hamico® 8928 – pH Conditioner

Hamico® 8928 is an additive for metalworking fluids to improve effectiveness of the biocides in the fluid and to raise and stabilize pH. It possesses reserve alkalinity and is bio-resistant in nature. It is effective with synthetic, semi-synthetic, or soluble oils. It effectively neutralizes any acidic components in a solution and maintains fluid performance and longevity. It protects against production of acidic by products in the system through bioresistant properties.

Hamico® 1003 – Lubricating Oil

Hamico® 1003 is a light colored, transparent, odorless lubricating oil for machinery and equipment requiring an extremely clean condition with a light oil. It can be used in many applications where light lubrication is needed, e.g., forming, bending, stamping, straightening. It can be used on all metals as received, by pumping, dip, spray or wipe.

Hamico® 863-EP

Hamico® 863-EP Base is normally used as received, but can be diluted with oil, solvents, or water, depending on the operation. It may be applied by dipping, spray, or brushing. It is a combination of extreme pressure lubricants. It is used either neat or with oil. It is used primarily for tapping operations on steel. It will not corrode steel or aluminum on contact, but will stain brass and copper.

Hamico® 578-C

Hamico® 578-C is a liquid rust remover concentrate designed to dissolve rust on contact with steel or iron surfaces. The time required for rust removal is dependent on the degree of rust present. It removes light rust in a few minutes. Heavy rust will require longer times and may need repeated rinsing and application. It conforms to the general requirements of Mil Spec. M-10578-C, Type IV.

Hamico® 142

Hamico® 142 is designed for use as a vanishing lubricant. It contains lubricity additives which make it suitable for stamping, blanking and deep drawing of light gauge steel, stainless steel, brass, and aluminum. This product’s evaporation rate is faster than that of Hamico® 138-L.

Hamico® 138-L

Hamico® 138-L is designed for use as a vanishing oil. It contains lubricity additives which make it ideal for stamping, blanking or drawing of light to medium gauge steel and aluminum. Hamico® 138-L has extremely low odor, is non-emulsifying, has a rapid evaporation rate, and leaves minimal residue. Application of the lubricant can be via spraying, flooding or swabbing.