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Quality Chemicals Improve Production


Superior Quality Control

We prioritize quality company-wide. This makes our products superior, which improves your production results and lowers your cost of production. Our high-quality industrial chemicals will reduce your off-spec production costs and the need for post-process corrections. This level of quality in the chemicals you use will relieve you of the need to audit our processes to meet your own industry requirements. Our quality products will streamline your business, making your production staff's job easier and more efficient.


Certified ISO 9001:2015

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Seeing Is Believing

The Steelgard® Difference

These steel parts were subjected to 100% humidity in a Singleton Humidity Cabinet. An unprotected part (left) was tested 4 hours; the part coated with Steelgard® 8703-DD (right) was tested 100 hours.
No Protection After 4 Hours at 100% HumiditySteelgard 8703DD Protection After 100 Hours at 100% Humidity

We Keep You Looking Great

We help your products sparkle and shine. Here's an example of using Hamiterge® 8470 Yellow Metal Cleaner - no scrubbing (or effort) required. Cleaning parts has never been so easy!
Yellow Metal Cleaner Example - Pennies Before CleaningYellow Metal Cleaner 10% Hamiterge 8407
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January 14, 2019
Jerry Wilson

A Few Pages From History

When a company is as long-standing as Harry Miller Corp, you occasionally unearth a few “blast from the past” documents. Recently, the following newsletter pages were […]
December 21, 2018

Merry Christmas from Our HMC Family To Yours

December 4, 2018

Actispeed 600 Aids in Removal of Rolled-in Scale

A customer currently uses a Competitor Product at 1.0% to aid in descaling steel in their HCl pickle line. The competitor product is described as both […]

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We provide superior products designed for the automobile, aerospace, electronics, communications & metalworking industries.