Atmoscleer® 8001 – Foam Blanket Additive

Atmoscleer® 8001 is a foam blanket additive for hydrochloric acid batch pickling baths. It imparts a densely packed, uniform layer of foam on the surface of a steel pickling bath. Some agitation may be required to generate the foam layer when there is not enough pickling action occurring, such as when the bath temperature is very low (below 1000F). It is extremely stable in hydrochloric acid baths containing high amounts of dissolved iron and under high temperature conditions. It cuts down on heat loss and holds corrosive hydrochloric fumes in the bath. It should be used in conjunction with Activol® acid inhibitors for hydrochloric acids, such as Activol® 1803, Activol® 1590-C, Activol® 1590–CP or Activol® 1903 for best results in batch pickling operations.