Business Partners Meet After 15 Years

Harry Miller Corp President, Bruce Entwisle, and Angela Allen have been working together since 2002.  

On November 2nd, 2017 — 15 years after beginning their working relationship — they met for the first time, face-to-face.

“It was great to finally meet the people I talk to every week,” said Allen. “We have a long-term remote working relationship with several clients, but none for quite as many years as Harry Miller Corp. I am thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to work with the fine individuals at Harry Miller Corp for such a long time. They feel like family.”

“After a great working relationship over 15 years, it was fantastic to finally put a face to the name,” said Entwistle. “I’ve seen pictures before, but it’s not the same.”

Angela and Steve Knight own Cool Jazz Web Design Studio. They work with Harry Miller Corp leadership and staff to develop, maintain and update the company’s website and digital presence on the web. 

“It was a real pleasure to meet the Harry Miller team at their Philadelphia headquarters,” said Knight. “A special thank you to president Bruce Entwisle and Vice-President Nick Ariano for the personal tour of their facilities.”

Bruce Entwisle (Harry Miller Corp), Nick Ariano (Harry Miller Corp), Steve Knight (Cool Jazz Web Design Studio)

Bruce Entwisle (Harry Miller Corp), Angela Allen (Cool Jazz Web Design Studio), Nick Ariano (Harry Miller Corp)