STLE Outstanding Large Section Award

Philadelphia STLE Awards

The Philadelphia Section Society of Tribologists & Lubrication Engineers (STLE) recently won the outstanding large section award for all programs initiated during the year in this region including:

  • Meetings
  • Seminars
  • Scholarship Awards
  • Science Fair Participation
  • University of Philadelphia Nanotechnology Meeting on Penn Campus

The award was announced during the joint meeting with the University of Pennsylvania at the Singh Center for Nano-Technology by incoming STLE president. Dr. Martin Webster. Dr. Webster particularly noted the work done by Nick Ariano and his team (which includes Stephanie Johnston) with the Delaware Valley Science Fair to foster the study of science and engineering in grade schools and middle schools.

Shale Image for Fracking Blog

Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) and Water Quality

Shale Image for Fracking Blog
The EPA has released their draft report on the impact of Fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing) operations and drinking water. In their press release, the EPA states:

Assessment shows hydraulic fracturing activities have not led to widespread, systemic impacts to drinking water resources” 

Our own Bruce Entwisle, President of Harry Miller Corp, says, “The EPA, which is certainly no friend of industry, recently deemed fracking to be not harmful to ground waters. Unfortunately, there have been deceitful videos circulated purporting to show gas permeating wells as a result of fracking; these videos were made by environmental groups opposed to drilling of any sort, and they made great theatre regardless of their veracity. In reality, hydraulic fracturing is done significantly deeper than the water table, or aquifers.  Stainless steel casings that do not rust are driven through the water tables so that no leakage occurs during the process. We’re gratified that the EPA has spoken and hope that the public at large recognizes this boon to our economy that manifests itself in jobs and lower energy costs for all Americans.”

Harry Miller Corp provides its support for the Fracking industry, and will continue to provide top quality Acid Inhibitors for Fracking processes and other custom solutions for this and other industries.

Harry Miller Corp Bruce Entwisle and Nick Ariano

Harry Miller Corp Supports Abington Hospital

Harry Miller Corp Bruce Entwisle and Nick Ariano

The Harry Miller Corporation is a supporter of Abington Hospital and a proud sponsor of The June Fete Gala Program. This photo of HMC Vice-President Nick Ariano and President Bruce Entwisle, recently appeared in the June Fete Gala Program Book.

The June Fete has a long and rich history in Philadelphia and has been going strong since 1912.

This fundraiser, hosted by the Women’s Board of Abington Hospital, provides money for the hospital to use for new technology, building improvements, for the new cancer center, among other projects.

Learn more about the Abington Health Foundation Women’s Board & Auxiliaries.

Hamico® 8936 – Rinse Aid

Hamico® 8936 Rinse Aid is an additive for rinse systems after pickling steel using hydrochloric or sulfuric acids. Hamico® 8936 Rinse Aid prevents the formation of iron hydroxide slimes which typically occur in rinse tanks and prevents surface discoloration on steel exiting the bath. Hamico® 8936 Rinse Aid complexes ferrous iron, thus preventing it from re-depositing.

Hamico® 8936 Rinse Aid buffers the rinse water against sudden drops in pH, due to acid carryover from pickling tanks and protects from flash rusting after rinse operations. It may be used in hot or cold baths.

Hamico® 8936 Rinse Aid is easy to handle and is not corrosive to the skin.

Hamico® 8934 – Rinse Aid

Hamico® 8934 Rinse Aid is a stain preventing additive for rinse systems for use after hydrochloric or sulfuric acid pickling operations. It is an acidic product possessing corrosion protection and wetting. It is designed to eliminate the brown or reddish stains often experienced on steel exiting a continuous pickler. It eliminates the formation of iron hydroxide slimes which accumulate in rinse tanks as a result of acid bath carryover. Hamico® 8934 Rinse Aid is compatible with waste treatment processes where removal of metals like iron, copper, zinc, and chromium must be accomplished to meet limits for effluents.

This product prevents carryover products from depositing on the immersed steel surface and protects the rinsed surface before drying occurs. Hamico® 8934 Rinse Aid is low-foaming to make water treatment and disposal easier and employs a tracer to make it easy to make concentration determinations using a test kit.

Turbulent Pickling Testing - Johnston and Ariano

New Pickling Design Unveiled

Turbulent Pickling Testing - Johnston and ArianoA Brand New Technology

David M. Price, Scientist-Processes and Control for ArcelorMittal, visited Harry Miller Corp. on May 19th, 2015 to view the company’s laboratory pickling design that replicates turbulent pickling lines. This new laboratory procedure, developed by Nick Ariano and Stephanie Johnston, is believed to be the first of its kind in the industry and carries the trademark, DPP for Dynamic Pickling Process.

Turbulent Pickler Technology

Turbulent picklers are fast becoming the newest technology utilized by the flat-roll steel industry and present special challenges to operations that want to achieve the utmost productivity (i.e.-low acid usage per ton of steel). The cost of hydrochloric acid has risen dramatically over the past few years as demand for the acid grows in the hydraulic fracturing, secondary oil recovery market (“fracking”).

Managing Increased Costs

The corrosion rate in a turbulent pickler is dramatically higher than that experienced in the older, more traditional continuous lines that use deep or shallow baths. Given a higher rate of corrosion in these lines, HCl is consumed at a greater rate; in fact, by as much as 1.6 times!

This new challenge makes the use of a highly efficient acid inhibitor like Activol® 1803 all the more important to protect the base metal once the scale is removed. As a result of its use, acid is consumed to a much lesser degree, saving significant dollars in the process.

Immunol® 1228-2 – NDT Additive

Immunol® 1228-2 is an additive for use in non destructive test applications such as ultrasonic inspection or hydrostatic (or pressure) testing. It provides rust protection and reduced surface tension to water baths used for immersion testing of these types. Is recommended for systems constructed of (or used for testing) steel and aluminum. This version provides much lower surface tension to water than Immunol® 1228. Protection against flash rusting and short term indoor storage provided. Product improves the effect of ultrasonic waves from transducer. It improves the liquid media by eliminating air pockets more rapidly. (For systems with agitation or rapid re-circulation, use Immunol® 1228)

Activol® 8402 Economical Acid Inhibitor

Activol® 8402 is the most economical member of a line of hydrochloric acid pickling bath additives formulated for continuous hydrochloric picklers, including deep bath conventional and shallow dynamic systems. It provides all the requirements of a good pickling inhibitor including: descaling ability, quality protection, excellent rinsability, reduced acid consumption, reduced gage and metal loss, durability, reduced hydrogen embrittlement, fume reduction and results in uniformly bright pickled surfaces.

Rainkote® NC – Stain Prevention Additive

Rainkote® NC is an additive to prevent line-stop stain in the rinse section of hydrochloric or sulfuric acid pickling lines. It is an acidic product possessing corrosion protection and wetting. It is designed to eliminate brown or reddish stains often experienced on the steel strip exiting a continuous pickler. It eliminates the formation of iron hydroxide slimes which accumulate in rinse tanks as a result of acid bath carryover.

Due to its non-chelating components, it is compatible with waste treatment processes where removal of metals like iron, copper, zinc, and chromium must be accomplished to meet limits for effluents.

Visit to Japan – May 2015

May 8th-14th, Harry Miller President, Bruce Entwisle, visited Daisho Seiki Corporation outside Osaka, Japan to qualify Harry Miller Products for use in their machines. While there, he created the following photo album of his travels: