Hamiterge® 1934-RP – Emulsion Spray Cleaner With Rust Protection

Hamiterge® 1934-RP is a concentrated liquid emulsion cleaner for removal of oily films, metallic chips and fines, shop or mill dirt, and lube oil residues from steel, cast iron and aluminum surfaces. It is designed for use in single stage cleaning operations; immersion tanks or roto-brush type washers at elevated or ambient temperatures. It may be used diluted with hot or cold water and is free rinsing. It provides rust protection to steel and it is non-staining to aluminum.

Hamiterge® 1457 – Detergent Cleaner for Papermaking

Hamiterge® 1457 is a combination of soaps, detergents and wetting agents designed for paper mill felt scouring. Due to its low alkalinity, it will not harm woolen or semi-synthetic felts, yet will remove soils that may remain after acid cleaning.

Hamiterge® 711-2 – Powdered Alkaline Cleaner

Hamiterge® 711-2 is an extremely high strength powdered alkaline cleaner consisting of exceptional wetting agents and detergents in a base of alkaline builders. It is an immersion cleaner designed for low or high temperature applications. It will remove rolling oils and other mill soils from all steel surfaces, including stainless and galvanized. It is also applicable for use in high speed scrubber systems. It is lower foaming at higher operating temperatures, (160 F and above) and is completely free rinsing with water. It is also available in a low foam version (Hamiterge® 711-2-LF) for spray washers.