Cutting and grinding oils often use chlorinated paraffin as an extreme pressure additive. Although non-chlorinated options are available, certain applications require the effectiveness and efficiency of chlorinated cutting and grinding oils.

For most applications, the cost and performance advantages mean chlorinated cutting and grinding oils are still widely used.

All Harry Miller Corp cutting and grinding oils, with and without chlorine, are of the highest quality.

Harry Miller Corp uses chlorinated products deemed to be non-carcinogenic. Since chlorinated products in most instances are a more effective solution, we will continue to recommend these products for those client processes where it is the best option, so long as chlorinated paraffins are deemed safe.

Where technology allows chlorine replacement, we offer chlorine-free cutting and grinding oil solutions. If you are interested in non-chlorinated cutting and grinding oils, for health and environmental reasons, we offer you those options. Non-chlorinated oils can offer a lower disposal cost in some instances.

Contact us to help determine which will work best for your process and which will result in the best cost savings for your budget.