Harry Miller Corp metalworking chemicals reduce your operating costs and improve your efficiency by providing products specifically designed to be more effective, even at lower than average concentrations to our customers in the automobile, aerospace, communications, metalworking and other industrial sectors.

Harry Miller Corp (HMC) quality products typically have a lower “cost-per-use” than competitor’s products. Our Specialty Chemicals are expertly formulated and perfectly suited for your specific applications. Harry Miller Corporation distributes via direct sales representatives, specialized manufacturers’ representatives, and authorized distributors.The Harry Miller Corporation was founded in 1936 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It has since grown into a multi-million dollar enterprise serving the steel and metalworking industries with proprietary specialty chemicals. Our metalworking chemicals and other solutions include acid inhibitors, rust preventives, coolants, lubricants, cleaners, cutting and grinding oilsdrawing compounds, stamping compounds, fracking operation products, hydrotesting solutions and other non-destructive test fluids. Harry Miller Corporation (HMC) offers excellent customer service, exacting technical expertise, superior quality control and cost effective solutions for your metalworking and manufacturing needs.
Metalworking chemicals and lab work for metal industry and auto industries

Custom Metalworking Chemicals:

Quality Products & Quality Control

Our product line includes more than 1500 unique formulations, over 400 of these are in active use. All formulas are custom blended in our own factory. We employ two quality control chemists to monitor incoming raw materials, check product specifications during manufacturing, and chart trends using SPC guidelines. The net result is dependable quality in each batch and our assurance that each customer’s process will remain consistent and reliable.

The Harry Miller Corporation offers your industry the superior function, protection and performance of our fine products: Activol®, Steelgard®, Hamico®, Hamidraw®, Immunol®, Hamikut®, Kleerkut®, Hamikleer®, Purgitol®, and Hamiterge®.

Technical Support for Metalworking Pros

Solutions to Problems and Solutions for Processes

metalworking chemicals and tools for the metal industry and auto industry

Our laboratory staff has over 75 years of combined experience in the chemicals industry to support our services and products. Our sales and management team has over 139 years of combined experience in the industry to help find the best solutions for your processes. Additionally, we employ four bench chemists. These professionals bring over 25 years of service to our labs and and experience you need to help solve even the most potentially difficult of your manufacturing and metalworking problems. Their work is augmented by interns from the cutting edge Drexel University Chemistry Program. This is our way of encouraging the best and the brightest, while investing in the future of our industry and yours.

Our sales representatives are dedicated to staying in tune with your processes, your industry and your needs. They serve as application engineers to answer questions and help you solve problems. When the opportunity to serve an industrial customer is identified by our sales and service team, our laboratory in Philadelphia performs comparative testing to determine if our customers and potential customers will benefit from using our product in a new application or to replace a lesser quality product already in use. Contact us to see how we can help improve your production processes as well as your bottom line.
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