Hamicote® D-20-NL – Forging Lubricant

Hamicote® D-20-NL (and variations) are used for die casting, press forging, drop forging, upset forging, extruding lubricant, mold lubricant, drawing, stamping, preventing rust and white rust. Delivered at 100% concentration, and composed of extreme pressure lubricants and metallic soap, this product can be used neat or can be diluted. It disperses in plain water (in any ratio of dilution) to form a uniform, white, stable emulsion with a faintly alkaline pH of 8.0 and is completely soluble in stoddard solvent, kerosene or mineral oils. Is a rust preventive for ferrous metals and prevents white rust on galvanized surfaces. The product is an outstanding lubricant for metal surfaces at normal or elevated temperatures. The metallic component remains on hot surfaces up to 3000 F and can be applied in emulsion form adding to plain water at room or elevated temperatures. This product line offers exceptional performance and contains no silicones, manganese, copper, graphite or suspended matter.