ISO 9001:2015

What is ISO 9001:2015 and why is it important?

quality check in manufacturing

The Standard is an international quality standard for all manufacturing companies. It is important to our clients because it assures them that an accredited quality system is in place that encompasses our entire company. In turn, it assures them that attention to the quality of the product they are receiving from Harry Miller Corp is a top priority within our organization. View Harry Miller Corp’s certification.

Who awards this Certification?

The registrar for Harry Miller Corporation’s Facility in Philadelphia to ISO 9001:2015 is SAI Global. SAI Global is an international registrar headquartered in Mississauga Ontario. SAI Global is the number one registrar in North America, is ANSI – RAB accredited and is North America’s largest management systems registrar with international accreditations.

What does it take to get Certification?

Harry Miller Corporation’s Philadelphia manufacturing site was first registered in 2001. Prior to that time, preparation for its attainment was six years. In December 2003, the company re-registered under ISO 9001:2000. The registration is for 3 years, and audits by QMI are performed annually. In 2009, Harry Miller’s certification was switched to the new ISO 9001:2008 Standard. Also, in the same year, QMI merged to become SAI Global. In 2017 Harry Miller Corp achieved the quality standard ISO 9001:2015. Certification insures that our manufacturing processes and operating systems comply with the standard for quality and performance.

How do you handle quality assurance for certification?

The members of our Management Review Committee meet two or three times each year to assess and continually improve the Quality Management System. Internal Audits on each element of the Quality Standard are conducted annually. We conduct monthly safety and quality meetings to discuss processes, corrective actions, and improved efficiencies. The members are:

  • Nick Ariano, VP and Technical Director
  • Tom Shanley, Operations Manager
  • Joel Davenport, Production Manager
  • Scott Burnside, Packaging and Shipping Manager
  • Stephanie Zublick, Senior Development Chemist
  • Bruce Entwisle, President

How does certification improve your customer service?

It is a difficult but worthwhile process that improves our operations, reduces off-spec production costs and ensures that materials shipped to customers are quality-checked and meet the customer’s specifications. This quality process has streamlined our processes and has enabled preventive actions rather than post-process corrective actions. In many cases, maintaining this quality registration relieves our customers of the obligation to audit our organization’s quality system to meet their own industry requirements.