Immunol® 1392-J – Water Soluble Rust Preventive

Immunol® 1392-J is odorless and dissolves instantly in any kind of water (even the very hardest) to make a clear, thin solution. Immunol® 1392-J has a slightly alkaline pH of 9.0 and is a detergent and rust inhibiting chemical for use on cast iron, cast steel and other ferrous metals. Immunol® 1392-J protects cast iron and ferrous metals submerged in its solutions for months and forms invisible, quick drying, protective coatings on metal, which insure maximum “indoor” protection. Deposited coatings of Immunol® 1392-J are water soluble and, therefore, will not show to advantage in humidity cabinet tests, due to condensation and the ease of washing the product off with plain water. Immunol® 1392-J will not cloud in water and will not gum or decompose when circulated in water. Immunol® 1392-J has exceptional power of heat absorption and convection. Immunol® 1392-J is not recommended for use on aluminum, copper or brass.