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Harry Miller Corporation sells on a global basis by virtue of its network of licensees, agents, and strategic partners. Products are either manufactured in the U.S. for export, or they are re-manufactured in a host country for local distribution.

Countries We Serve

We distribute our products in the following countries in addition to customers inside the United States.

Our Most Popular Exports


Steel Pickling & Acid Inhibitors

The most economical and effective acid inhibitor you can buy is Activol®. In any country in the world, Activol® acid inhibitors and Hamico® rinse additives are recognized leaders in both quality and efficiency. Our products deliver the best, most effective, and lowest cost solutions for pickling additive needs available the world over.

Rust Protection

Ford Motor Company and other manufacturing giants trust Steelgard® to protect their parts from rust during shipment from one country to another. If you would like to follow their lead, you may also purchase Steelgard® rust preventives to provide a dry, protective coating to prevent corrosion, even under the most difficult conditions, including ocean transport.*

Drawing, Stamping, Machining & Grinding

To meet your toughest metal deformation needs, trust the Harry Miller Corporation. HMC offers Hamidraw®, Hamikleer®, Kleerkut® or Hamikut® to meet your drawing and stamping compound needs, and the fluids you need for machining and grinding. HMC offers the best you can buy -- anywhere.


* Harry Miller Corp's Steelgard® rust preventives are not to be confused with the "Steelgard®" line of rust preventives produced by Vapor-Tek Limited of the U.K.

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