New Pickling Design Unveiled

Turbulent Pickling Testing - Johnston and Ariano

Turbulent Pickling Testing - Johnston and ArianoA Brand New Technology

David M. Price, Scientist-Processes and Control for ArcelorMittal, visited Harry Miller Corp. on May 19th, 2015 to view the company’s laboratory pickling design that replicates turbulent pickling lines. This new laboratory procedure, developed by Nick Ariano and Stephanie Johnston, is believed to be the first of its kind in the industry and carries the trademark, DPP for Dynamic Pickling Process.

Turbulent Pickler Technology

Turbulent picklers are fast becoming the newest technology utilized by the flat-roll steel industry and present special challenges to operations that want to achieve the utmost productivity (i.e.-low acid usage per ton of steel). The cost of hydrochloric acid has risen dramatically over the past few years as demand for the acid grows in the hydraulic fracturing, secondary oil recovery market (“fracking”).

Managing Increased Costs

The corrosion rate in a turbulent pickler is dramatically higher than that experienced in the older, more traditional continuous lines that use deep or shallow baths. Given a higher rate of corrosion in these lines, HCl is consumed at a greater rate; in fact, by as much as 1.6 times!

This new challenge makes the use of a highly efficient acid inhibitor like Activol® 1803 all the more important to protect the base metal once the scale is removed. As a result of its use, acid is consumed to a much lesser degree, saving significant dollars in the process.