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Onsite Services for Metalworking Production

Your business is making parts or processing orders. Our business is providing and improving your process through better solutions for your production needs.

Onsite Coolant Services

Yes, coolants are an essential step in your process, but you don’t want to spend production time tweaking and trouble-shooting them. Our on-site services give you ways to reduce or eliminate coolant maintenance downtime and improve your bottom line. Our on-site technicians will:

  • Monitor coolant usage
  • Check pH Determine conductivity
  • Watch concentration levels
  • Test and treat bacterial contamination
  • Offer technical expertise
  • Improve performance
  • Extend coolant life
  • Suggest housekeeping/cost-saving ideas (recycling, oil skimming, etc.)

Customer Experience

The Harry Miller Corp representative visits with us on a regular basis to make sure our coolants are in working order. He tests for bacterial growth, yeast & fungi. He also checks our concentration and looks over our inventory to make sure we do not run low on coolant. Results of his tests are communicated back to us in a timely manner which gives us confidence that our process is in control.

Mike Beury
Shalmet Corporation (Carpenter)

Cleaner, better performing coolants make the production process easier on your operators, keep your lines running, and reduce your overall cost. Our on-site coolant services include regular spreadsheet reports via email that carries your data forward to create a running historical log of your coolant condition.

Our Other Services

We also offer custom solutions for your production needs and toll blending services, among other industrial chemical products. If you want to learn more about our onsite coolant services for your operation, contact us: services@harrymillercorp.com.