Custom Solutions

Custom Chemicals and Metalworking FluidsAt the Harry Miller Corporation (HMC), we pride ourselves on the quality custom solutions we offer our customers. We stand behind our products with superior customer service before, during and after the sale. And, we nurture the return business that our high standards secure.

We are here to serve you, to help you find the best solution for your industrial application. We will show you how our existing products will benefit your process. If we do not currently offer the solution you need, we have a laboratory staffed with experienced, dedicated technicians that welcome the opportunity to develop and test a new HMC custom solution for your shop.

With over 70 years of chemical engineering experience and the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 quality certification, you are guaranteed the best product for your needs at a price you can afford.

Harry Miller Corporation doesn’t just sell you the products you need, we help you find the best answers to your process challenges.

If you would like to discuss how Harry Miller Corp can help meet your custom solution needs, call 1-800.532.0093 or contact us online.

Customer Experience #1

A large converter of wire and bar product approached us to help them reduce their coolant usage and at the same time, reduce their waste treatment costs. The customer had approximately 25 individual machines using a competitor’s soluble oil. While taking inventory of all their machines, our representative noticed dense smoke throughout the shop. The Harry Miller representative recommended a change to a semi-synthetic coolant (Kleerkut® 1900-FRC).

Creating Custom Coolants and Chemical Soultions for IndustryWith the introduction of the new coolant, the smoke in the shop disappeared as the Kleerkut® 1900-FRC provided better cooling without the residual oil that caused the smoke. The use of a semi-synthetic also reduced their coolant usage because of less “drag-out” on the bars. To further the customer’s goals, Harry Miller introduced one of their strategic partners, Custom Coolant Equipment Inc., which recommended the use of a coolant recycling unit designed to clean up and re-fortify existing coolant, thereby eliminating the need to dispose of used coolant.

The customer plumbed all the machines to the recycling unit, so they now have a “closed loop” system that requires minimal material handling. This shop reduced their coolant usage by more than half the previous requirement and eliminated waste disposal costs entirely.

Needless to say, this company remains a satisfied customer of the Harry Miller Corp.

Customer Experience #2:

A large, mid-western steel mill wanted to reduce the cost of their application of a “rinse aid” on a continuous pickler. Although they were using a product that cost approximately 15% less than the recommended Harry Miller Corp product (Hamico® 8906-WT Rinse Aid), they were having trouble maintaining recommended concentrations and were consequently experiencing a high operating cost.

Custom Rinse Aid Set-up for Metal Pickling Operation

The Harry Miller sales engineer surveyed the entire line and recommended the use of a Dosatron™ proportioner in conjunction with the Hamico 8906-WT. The use of the custom-designed meter allowed the customer to automate the additions of the higher quality Hamico 8906-WT, while reducing his overall cost of application as compared to the cheaper competitor product.

Although the solution to the customer’s problem seems simple in retrospect (see the photo to the right), it took the expertise of the local representative to arrive at a superior working, and more economical resolution.

To inquire about our custom solutions for your specific industry, please fill out the feedback form based on your specific process. One of our custom solutions specialists will contact you to help you determine the perfect solution for your process.

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