Toll Blending FAQ

What are Toll Blending services or Toll Manufacturing services?

Custom Toll Blending Services FAQToll blending or toll manufacturing simply means we provide blending services for the formula you supply. We scale-up your formula, blend it to your specifications and then package the product per your specifications, delivering it to you or your specified third party.

Do you provide the ingredients to blend or do I?

Some clients provide the ingredients; some ask us to buy the ingredients. We will work with you to provide exactly what you need for your business.

Will my formula be safe when I uses your toll blending services?

Absolutely. In addition to working with a qualified, ethical staff and production crew, we routinely sign confidentiality agreements with all our toll blending customers.

Why should I consider Harry Miller Corp’s Toll Blending Services?

By turning over your blending processes to us, you can return to the other, more pressing business at hand. We save you time and money by offering a fixed-cost solution service without the need for you to hire staff or purchase and maintain additional capital.

What are the advantages to having HMC blend my formula?

Harry Miller Corp utilizes high-end, stainless steel equipment maintained to ensure top performance. Our gear-driven, variable speed mixing tanks employ baffles and propellers to provide excellent shear while producing a homogeneous product.

We also maintain a full-time, experienced and stable staff. This means that you will have the same operators making your formula, eliminating the process changes that often occur in shops that have high turnover rates in their plant.

Production planning, which occurs daily, assures a smooth and uninterrupted flow of work through the plant. Our on-time delivery exceeds 99%, so your product is blended quickly and delivered to your satisfaction. Guaranteed.

For more information on how we can assist you with toll manufacturing, contact Tom Shanley at: