Anthony (Tony) Kroker has been with Harry Miller Corp. since 2002. He has served in various roles in sales and marketing for over 30 years. His resume includes positions with Kellogg, E&J Gallo Winery, Guinness Import Company and Creative Aim Marketing. During his 14 years with Guinness he became VP of Sales, first managing the eastern U.S., with $250 million in sales, then as head of retail development for the entire company. His success is the result of a firm commitment to supporting his sales team and providing excellent customer support before, during and after the sale.

"I find that industrial sales and consumer goods sales have several things in common," says Tony, "Customers want to be treated with the respect they deserve, they want solutions to their specific problems to improve operations and reduce costs, and they expect us honor our commitments. Follow up after the sale and delivering what we have promised are keys to success. I find that our customers appreciate the quality of Harry Miller products, our exceptional service and our attention to details."

Tony admits that it does require a different mindset to stay on top of this industry, but he welcomes the challenges. He enjoys the technical aspects of working with specialty chemicals. "There are daily opportunities to learn more about new machining techniques, new metallurgy and new developments in chemistry. As my customers change their processes, we must meet their needs with specialty solutions to improve their production and make it more cost effective. I get a lot of satisfaction helping a customer solve a problem."

Tony grew up in Auburn, New York and graduated from Williams College in 1975. He and his wife Sharon now live in Wallingford, VT.