Bruce Entwisle graduated with a B.A. from Williams College in 1976. Bruce was hired by FMC Corporation (Chicago, Il.) as the area sales representative in Cleveland, OH, selling industrial chemicals for the glass and detergent industries. Bruce was promoted to Marketing Manager and moved to division headquarters in Philadelphia where he managed the company’s chlor-alkali line.

In 1983, Bruce was hired as the area sales manager by Harry Miller Corp and re-located to Cleveland. Bruce promoted HMC’s line of steel and metalworking products to area steel mills and auto plants. Bruce introduced Ford Motor Company to the Steelgard® product line at their Brookpark plant. It received “M” number status, and was written into Ford specifications for the manufacture of camshafts.

In 1985, Harry Miller Corp, purchased a chemical company specializing in the sale of products to the paper industry. Bruce was named General Manager of this Rech Chemical Division and relocated to the Philadelphia headquarters. In 1989, he was promoted to National Sales Manager, while retaining his Rech Chemical responsibilities.

In 1994, John Entwisle retired and Bruce was promoted to President. From 1994 to present, the company has continued growth both domestically and, to a greater degree, internationally. International growth has been accomplished through a network of agents and strategic partners to serve companies on every inhabited continent on Earth.

Bruce works and travels to help ensure continued growth: “In a world where competitors are pushing ‘off the shelf' products, we know customers often need more than the ‘pre-fab’ mold can offer. We tailor products to fit our customers, rather than encouraging customers to revamp their business and production methods to use our products. We often develop an entirely new product for the best results in a single application. We listen to our customers and meet their needs. Naturally, this keeps our customers happy because we deliver a much-needed, customized service. It also creates a niche market for our products allowing us to continue to build our business around service, rather than sales.”

Bruce and his wife, Tina, have three children. Their daughter, Katherine Palmisano, is a marketing associate for Serena & Lily, in San Francisco. She and her husband, Alex, are raising their son, Cooper, in San Francisco. Their son, Jim works for Vanguard in Malvern, PA. Their youngest daughter, Anne, is working for Annkissam, a software provider in Back Bay, Boston.

Their grandson, Cooper, was born in 2017.

Both Bruce and Tina stay involved in civic activities. Bruce is a Trustee of Abington Memorial Hospital, while Tina is on the Women’s Board of the hospital. In his time away from the office and community responsibilities, Bruce enjoys fishing, boating and golf.