ella saputra

Ella Saputra joined the Harry Miller Corp in October 2013 as the Quality Control Coordinator and advanced to Development Chemist in 2016. She received her Associate Degree in Science from Community College of Philadelphia in 2011 and her Bachelor Degree in Chemistry from University of the Sciences in Philadelphia in 2013.

During her college years, Ella assisted a graduate student's research on "Preparation and Characterization of Chitosan-Polyacrylamide Thin Film System" and worked as intern at Longevity Biotech, Inc.

After graduation, Ella was accepted to the Biomedical Technician Training Program offered by The Wistar Institute in Philadelphia where she gained more experience working on cell culture and further advanced her molecular biology skills. In the program, she worked as intern at both Invisible Sentinels, Inc. and at the Wistar Institute.

Ella, originally from Indonesia, immigrated to Philadelphia in August 2006. She lives with her two sisters and her English Cocker Spaniel, Diamond. On the weekends, Ella usually spends her time at the Bethany Miracle Center of the Indonesian Church working with youth. She is a keyboardist at the English service for Bethany Community Church.