John Valkavitch, Production Manager

John Valkavitch, originally from Massachusetts, joined Harry Miller Corp as the Production Manager in 2012. Prior to joining the Harry Miller team, he spent over 25 years as a lead chemical operator and production manager in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

As Manager, John appreciates each member of his production team, "Our team works together to constantly refine and improve our processes for higher efficiency and better service to our customers." He loves that every day at work is different and enjoys the challenge of creating the perfect product or custom solution to meet the needs and address the concerns of each individual client.

John currently lives in Lansdale, PA with his wife, his college-age daughter, teen-aged son and others, whom he calls "extended family plus."

"I think we have had someone -- extended family , friends, friends of the children -- living with us for 21 of the 25 years that my wife and I have been together. For John and his wife, that's what they enjoy. "I love spending time with the family and kids... that's what it's all about, right?"

In his spare time, John enjoys sports (he's a huge New England fan), but also enjoys hunting, fishing, and paying games and paintball with immediate and "adopted" family members.