Nick Ariano, Vice President and Technical Director of Harry Miller Corp, began his work with us as a lab technician in 1966. Over the years he has worked in product development (specializing in steel mill chemistry) and now manages our product development process, offers our customers personal technical service and serves as the management representative for our prestigious ISO 9001-2015 Quality Registration. As such, he is our regulatory compliance manager and handles our Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) to meet all governmental reporting requirements, including Global Harmonizing System (GHS) requirements to change existing MSDSs to the new Safety Data Sheet (SDS) format, and the REACH reporting requirements.

A Philadelphia native, he graduated from St. Josephs University with BS and MS degrees in Chemistry. Our clients enjoy the benefit of the depth and breadth of Nick’s experience in this industry, with our company, and in his particular fields of expertise.

Nick knows it is critical to stay abreast of the demands placed on manufacturing companies of all sizes in the US and abroad. Whether your company is the largest manufacturing organization in your field or the smallest specialty shop, Nick says, “One of the most important things in industry today is to learn to wear many hats and wear them well.” Nick helps our clients gain and retain their edge, even as the expectations, demands and challenges placed on the metalworking industry change.

He and his wife, Clare, raised two children, Alexis and Danielle. They recently became grandparents to a grandson. Nick enjoys his work here with Harry Miller Corp and plans to continue to help our customers’ continual satisfaction and improvement.