President’s Message

Bruce Entwisle, President of Harry Miller Corporation

As I talk with clients and friends, I am asked: ‘Why do customers buy from Harry Miller Corp?’ As you might expect, the answer to this question is the foundation of our company’s eighty-one year history and the key to our continued business success. The short answer is that we make quality products. Since that answer is “expected,” let me elaborate.

Harry Miller Corporation creates specialty solutions based on customers’ specifications to meet their exact application needs. This may sound simple, unless you study what has happened in our industry over the last decade or so. During this time frame, a few foreign multi-nationals have aggressively purchased multiple small, independent producers and have created huge conglomerates with pared-down product lines. These blended companies are more interested in selling what they have “off the shelf” than they are in meeting customers’ individual needs.

The Harry Miller Corporation continues to take the time and give individual attention to each of our customers, to listen to them and either modify an existing product to meet their needs or specially develop an entirely new product sold only for that single application. Rather than pushing our customers into a “pre-fab” mold, we tailor products to fit our customers. Naturally, this keeps our customers happy, meets their needs perfectly, and creates a niche market for our products.

Our dedication to quality is a great source of personal and professional pride, as is our recent ISO 9001:2015 certification. Providing what our customers need through custom solutions for their processes and keeping unquestionably high standards of quality is a philosophy started with founder Harry L. Miller and has remained the cornerstone of our business. Our customers will attest that it is the key to our continued success.

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