Stephanie Zublick has been with the company since 2010. She graduated from Drexel University in 2008 with BS in Unified Science with minor in Chemistry. She was the Senior Development Chemist, researching and developing new products for our clients, before being promoted to Technical Director. She is in charge of helping to customize the Harry Miller Corp line of products to the particular needs of individual clients.

She likes Harry Miller Corp's small company feel and that every day is different. "I really enjoy solving problems, designing products, developing them, and having our company and our customers use those products. It's gratifying."

Stephanie volunteers at Cradles to Crayons, a group that helps support the needs of underprivileged children in the Philadelphia area by providing the clothes and supplies they need to start school. When not at work or volunteering, she's busy training Sheldon (her Pembroke Welsh Corgi) to do new tricks. "He's really smart, so it's easy," says Stephanie.

Stephanie was born in Hawaii. Her mother was in the Navy, so Stephanie moved around a lot. She went to high school in Maryland and moved to Philly in 2003, where she, her husband and their son currently reside. Stephanie considers Philly her home, "This is, technically, the longest I've ever lived anywhere."