Harry Miller Corporation has been inventing solutions for the steel industry for almost 70 years. One of the most inventive products in widespread use today throughout the world, is Hamico 8906-WT.

Hamico 8906-WT is an additive that is a combination of organic acids, which is metered into the last tub of the rinse section in a continuous pickling line. The proper use of this additive results in the elimination of rejects due to stain, at a cost of $0.11 - $0.20 per ton of steel, depending upon the flow rate of the incoming rinse water. Secondary benefits include a more complete rinsing of the steel strip prior to drying, as well as the elimination of rinse tub gels caused by the use of antiquated alkaline neutralizers.

The pictures seen below represent 5 minute line stops, under comparable conditions. The picture on the left shows the strip coming from the last rinse section in a “push-pull” pickling line after having been exposed to Hamico 8906-WT. The picture on the right shows the equivalent area of strip after having been exposed to a competitive product for the same length of time. As bad as the strip looks in the second picture, imagine what it would look like with no rinse additive!

Can you really afford to run your line without the use of an effective rinse additive like Hamico 8906-WT?