Your metalworking firm faces demanding issues with today's machining requirements including: tighter tolerances, higher speeds, new alloys and more complex parts. These factors require metalworking coolants that are versatile, efficient, bio-resistant and user-friendly.

The Harry Miller Corporation offers a wide variety of water-soluble coolants to meet your needs, while employing the latest chemical technology. Choose from our soluble oils, our semi-synthetic micro-emulsion products or our synthetics.


A manufacturer of valves for the power industry was having problems with their old coolant, as some of the operators had developed skin rashes. We suggested Kleerkut® 4900, a semi-synthetic that employs new chemistry to produce a very bio-stable coolant with zero field reports of operator rejection due to skin irritation. Because Kleerkut® 4900 is resistant to bacterial attack and also does a superior job of splitting out tramp oils, the coolant runs cleaner and presents a more user-friendly environment for the operators. As a result, there were no longer any skin problems and productivity went up.


PERRY TECHNOLOGY makes gears and splines for a wide variety of industrial customers. They were using a soluble oil coolant, which was giving them good machining results but was breaking down and turning sour in the sumps. The shop had odor problems and Perry frequently had to change out the sumps, thereby wasting coolant.

Harry Miller Corp. introduced a semi-synthetic coolant, Kleerkut® 2900, which provides excellent machining performance and also does a better job rejecting tramp oils. (Tramp oils can contaminate the coolant and are a major factor in coolants turning rancid.) Perry was still able to sustain tool life and surface-finishes with the Kleerkut® 2900 and their sump life improved dramatically.

Because they don’t have to change the sumps as often, there is far less downtime with the machines, the operators work in a cleaner environment and more time can be spent making parts vs sump maintenance.

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