Hydrotesting: Hydrostatic Solutions

Ultrasonic testing equipment will scan the interior and the surface of your product to determine if there are any defects. Even a minute bubble clinging to the surface will show up as a defect during your testing process.

Our hydrotesting products make the test water "wetter" by reducing surface tension, so bubbles can't form. This will save you time and money by eliminating false positives.

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Our hydrostatic solutions and hydrotesting products are used in non-destructive tests and ultrasonic testing methods to reduce the surface tension and eliminate air-bubbles and protect the machinery used for the testing as well as the object being tested.

Immunol® 1228

is a non-destructive testing additive for ultrasonic and hydrostatic testing procedures on steel and/or aluminum systems.

It provides protection for short-term indoor storage, flash rusting and rust following immersion testing. (Immunol® 1228-2 has additional wetting agents to provide lower surface tension.)

Immunol® 1809-J

is a non-destructive hydrostatic solution for ultrasonic and hydrotesting processes.

It also offers corrosion inhibitor properties on ferrous and non-ferrous metals and can be used as a grinding coolant in light-duty environments for multiple applications in your operation.

Immunol® 791-J

is a quick-dissolving hydrotesting solution specially formulated for use on cast steel, cast iron and all ferrous metals. It provides an invisible, quick-drying coating to all submerged ferrous metals. It provides protection indefinitely and will not decompose in circulated water systems -- nor will it gum up in these systems. It is not recommended for aluminum, copper or brass.

Immunol® 1392-J

is a water-soluble hydrotesting additive used to prevent rust during hydrostatic testing operations and other non-destructive tests.

It protects cast iron and ferrous metals by creating an invisible protection that dries quickly and provides months of maximum indoor protection during storage periods.

If your organization needs to find the best additives for hydrostatic testing processes, to ensure quality while providing protection to metals during and after the hydrotesting procedure, call Harry Miller Corp: 215.324.4000 or contact us online.