Non-Destructive Test Fluids

Harry Miller Corp offers a wide variety of specialty chemicals for the non-destructive test industry. Since 1936, our technical staff has successfully developed and refined products of highest quality for application in all areas of the metalworking and steel industries.

Harry Miller Corp offers NDT equipment manufacturers and users innovative formulations of non-toxic, non-flammable and non-irritating ultrasonic couplants and immersion tank additives, and magnetic particle inspection additives. Certified analysis for contaminant levels are provided as needed. As always, Harry Miller Corp offers custom formulations to meet your specific needs. Contact us, we'd be happy to assist you.

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Ultrasonic Couplants


Hamisonic® X-289 and X-290 are ultrasonic couplants for contact testing on horizontal or vertical surfaces. X-289 is a light viscosity material and X-290 is a heavier viscosity material. They both contain rust inhibitors.


Hamikleer® 712 is used for standard contact flaw detection or wall thickness measurement. Excellent ultrasonic transmission properties, provides corrosion protection to ferrous metals. Water soluble and water removable. Excellent replacement for glycerine or oil.

Can be used in high-purity environments where only minimal amounts of halogens and sulfur are permitted. Various viscosities and use from –20 °F to 300 °F.

Hamikleer® 8307 is a premium grade solution with higher degree of purity than Hamikleer® 712 series. Like Hamikleer® 712, these various viscosity couplants are water removable and can be used in applications –20 °F to 300 °F.

This group is the choice for titanium, turbine metals, and aircraft alloys due to higher purity from additional contaminants such as sodium, phosphorus, zinc and lead, as well as halogens and sulfur.

Immersion/Hydrostatic Test Additives


Synthetic products for ultrasonic immersion testing and hydrostatic pressure testing. Provides rust protection and wetting. Some grades offer long-term resistance to bacterial and fungal attack. Designed to be mixed with water of any grade or hardness at .5-2% concentration.

Magnetic Particle Inspection Additives


Immunol® 438 is an aqueous suspension media additive for magnetic particles or florescent powders and pastes. It is also a wetting agent, corrosion inhibitor and suspension/dispersion agent. This cost effective aqueous solution eliminates the fire hazards usually associated with solvents in magnetic particle inspection (when equipment is necessarily and properly grounded). This aqueous fluid also minimize skin irritations.