Rust Preventives and Corrosion Inhibitors

Image for rust preventives and corrosion inhibitors for the metalworking industry

When you work with metal, you need protection for your manufactured parts: protection from processes, protection from the elements and protection during shipping and handling. Take a pro-active, progressive approach to protecting your parts.

Harry Miller Corp’s full line of corrosion inhibitors, rust preventives, oils and filming agents will keep your product looking as good when your customer receives it as it did leaving your facility.

Steelgard® Corrosion Inhibitors

We offer a complete line of Steelgard® products to keep rust at bay including:

We offer quality control you can count on, because in the metal business it matters.

If you have a special need for particular type of corrosion inhibitor or rust preventative (aqueous and/or petroleum based), contact us for a custom formulation.

Rainkote® Rust Inhibitors

We also offer Rainkote® rust inhibitor products, a line of products we purchased in 2010, and we continue to offer to our clients. In 2011, we expanded the Rainkote® offerings by developing Rainkote® NC, a rinse additive for pickling lines that prevents line-stop stains.

We also offer a full line of coolants, lubricants, cleaners, rinse aids and acid inhibitors and non-destructive testing fluids.