Hamikut® 100 – Soluble Oil Coolant

Hamikut® 100 is a new technology soluble oil metalworking lubricant that offers excellent bioresistance and stability to coolant systems. It can perform a wide variety of machining and grinding operations on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It offers cooling, excellent friction reduction, extremely low foam and will not sour with microbial contamination. It is free of substances subject to the reporting requirements of SARA Title III. It provides superior rust protection when used in sumps which typically encounter large amounts of contaminants. It is ideal for use in central systems. It is extremely easy to handle using filtration or centrifuge, and will not clog paper or filters.

Hamikleer® 1995 – Heavy Duty Synthetic Coolant

Hamikleer® 1995 is a bio-resistant synthetic machining and grinding lubricant/coolant for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is extremely low foaming, which makes it useful in operations where foam control is essential, such as double disc or plunge grinding, or high speed machining. It provides lubrication needed for moderate to heavy duty machining operations, such as turning, drilling, reaming, broaching, boring and tapping. It is non-staining to non-ferrous metals, (e.g., copper alloys and aluminum), contains extreme pressure friction reducing lubricant additives, and provides good lubrication and rust protection to steel. Hamikleer® 1995 has a liquid residual film, which keeps machinery parts moving, and has excellent wetting to keep swarf and fines from depositing on machinery, and enabling them to settle out quickly in central sumps. It rejects contaminants such as most tramp oils and is highly bacterial resistant, which extends sump life of central and individual system

Hamico® 863-EP

Hamico® 863-EP Base is normally used as received, but can be diluted with oil, solvents, or water, depending on the operation. It may be applied by dipping, spray, or brushing. It is a combination of extreme pressure lubricants. It is used either neat or with oil. It is used primarily for tapping operations on steel. It will not corrode steel or aluminum on contact, but will stain brass and copper.