Hamistrip® 1650 – Alkaline Cleaner

Hamistrip® 1650 is for easy removal of most shop soils like soluble oil, grease and metal chips and fines. It is an alkaline rust and paint remover combining caustics and organic acids

Hamisolve® 622 – Solvent Cleaner

Hamisolve® 622 is a light colored, transparent degreasing solvent used in many applications for removal of oils, greases, mill soils, etc. Can be used on all metals, as received, by dip, spray or wipe. It will evaporate completely leaving surfaces clean and dry.

Hamico® 578-C

Hamico® 578-C is a liquid rust remover concentrate designed to dissolve rust on contact with steel or iron surfaces. The time required for rust removal is dependent on the degree of rust present. It removes light rust in a few minutes. Heavy rust will require longer times and may need repeated rinsing and application. It conforms to the general requirements of Mil Spec. M-10578-C, Type IV.

Cellotone® 122 – Acidic Cleaner

Cellotone® 122 is an acidic, straw colored, clear liquid material containing a mixture of biodegradable, non-ionic detergents and solvents. It is designed for boil-out and cleaning and conditioning of paper machine felts and fourdrinier wires. Cellotone® 122 may be used for shutdown cleaning, cleaning on the fly, or continuous cleaning with metering equipment.

Cellotone® 62-L – Alkaline Cleaner

Cellotone® 62-L is a caustic soda based liquid containing chelants and anionic wetting agents. A low foaming nature makes it suitable for “wet end” boil-outs where a high degree of agitation usually exists.

Cellotone® 50 – Alkaline Cleaner

Cellotone® 50 is a highly alkaline powder based material containing chelants and nonionic wetting agents. Low foaming properties makes it suitable for “wet end” boil-outs where a high degree of agitation usually exists.