Immunol® 1392-J – Water Soluble Rust Preventive

Immunol® 1392-J is odorless and dissolves instantly in any kind of water (even the very hardest) to make a clear, thin solution. Immunol® 1392-J has a slightly alkaline pH of 9.0 and is a detergent and rust inhibiting chemical for use on cast iron, cast steel and other ferrous metals. Immunol® 1392-J protects cast iron and ferrous metals submerged in its solutions for months and forms invisible, quick drying, protective coatings on metal, which insure maximum “indoor” protection. Deposited coatings of Immunol® 1392-J are water soluble and, therefore, will not show to advantage in humidity cabinet tests, due to condensation and the ease of washing the product off with plain water. Immunol® 1392-J will not cloud in water and will not gum or decompose when circulated in water. Immunol® 1392-J has exceptional power of heat absorption and convection. Immunol® 1392-J is not recommended for use on aluminum, copper or brass.

Hamikleer® 712 and 712-2 – Synthetic Couplants

Hamikleer® 712 and 712-2 are water soluble synthetic couplants for ultrasonic testing replacing glycerine. The buffering action of this Hamikleer® 712 series permits testing of many metals and metallic couples that typically corrode in aqueous-phase couplants. The low halogen content makes the Hamikleer® 712 series the ideal material to use on titanium and other space-age metals, where possible halogen stress corrosion could be a problem. The exceptional water solubility and solution clarity of the Hamikleer® 712 series allows easier rigging and positioning in submerged tank testing. There are several viscosity grades for this product, contact us for a version formulated to meet your specific needs.

Hamisonic® X-289 and X-290 – Ultrasonice NDT Fluid

Hamisonic® X-289 and X-290 are ultrasonic couplants for contact testing on horizontal or vertical surfaces. X-289 is a light viscosity material and X-290 is a heavier viscosity material. These materials can be brushed on the test surface and left on or removed with a water wash. It is a more economical set of couplants; dries to a film having minimal residue.

Hamikleer® 8307-A and 8307-B

Hamikleer® 8307-A and 8307-B are water soluble synthetic couplants for contact ultrasonic testing replacing glycerin. They are chemically pure couplants that contain little or no contamination, which makes them acceptable for the testing requirements of turbine blade manufacturers. They are more highly pure compounds than the Hamikleer® 712 series of couplants.

Hamikleer® High Viscosity U.T. Couplants

Hamikleer® High Viscosity U.T. Couplants is a series of high viscosity versions of Hamikleer® 712-2 for ultrasonic testing of metals: Hamikleer® 712-HV-1 Viscosity – 38,000 – 45,000 cps @ 720F Hamikleer® 712-HV-2 Viscosity – 27,000 – 33,000 cps@ 720F Hamikleer® 712-HV-3 Viscosity – 5,000 – 8,000 cps @ 720F