Hamilube® 2078 – Stamping Lubricant

Hamilube® 2078 is a lubricant for stamping, blanking and deep drawing of steel, copper or brass. It is light viscosity oil designed for light to medium grade applications. While it is for use as received, it can be cut back with mineral oil for lighter work. The light film which 2078 deposits provides rust protection to steel parts after processing. Removal of the residue from the metal is accomplished with solvent degreasing, detergent, or alkaline cleaning. Hamilube® 2078-B is an upgraded version of Hamilube® 2078 designed to provide more lubricity and a heavier film thickness

Hamilube® 1989 – Synthetic Drawing Lubricant

Hamilube® 1989 is a specially formulated synthetic lubricant for use in metal forming operations on aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, such as cooper or brass. It is recommended for drawing, stamping, blanking and cutting as a replacement for petroleum based straight oils. It contains no oil, sulfur, or chlorine. It provides excellent high film strength boundary lubrication, leaves no residue upon burnoff in an anneal, and is easily removed. Hamilube®1989-B is a lower viscosity version of Hamilube® 1989.

Hamicote® D-20-NL – Forging Lubricant

Hamicote® D-20-NL (and variations) are used for die casting, press forging, drop forging, upset forging, extruding lubricant, mold lubricant, drawing, stamping, preventing rust and white rust. Delivered at 100% concentration, and composed of extreme pressure lubricants and metallic soap, this product can be used neat or can be diluted. It disperses in plain water (in any ratio of dilution) to form a uniform, white, stable emulsion with a faintly alkaline pH of 8.0 and is completely soluble in stoddard solvent, kerosene or mineral oils. Is a rust preventive for ferrous metals and prevents white rust on galvanized surfaces. The product is an outstanding lubricant for metal surfaces at normal or elevated temperatures. The metallic component remains on hot surfaces up to 3000 F and can be applied in emulsion form adding to plain water at room or elevated temperatures. This product line offers exceptional performance and contains no silicones, manganese, copper, graphite or suspended matter.

Hamico® 142

Hamico® 142 is designed for use as a vanishing lubricant. It contains lubricity additives which make it suitable for stamping, blanking and deep drawing of light gauge steel, stainless steel, brass, and aluminum. This product’s evaporation rate is faster than that of Hamico® 138-L.

Hamico® 138-L

Hamico® 138-L is designed for use as a vanishing oil. It contains lubricity additives which make it ideal for stamping, blanking or drawing of light to medium gauge steel and aluminum. Hamico® 138-L has extremely low odor, is non-emulsifying, has a rapid evaporation rate, and leaves minimal residue. Application of the lubricant can be via spraying, flooding or swabbing.

Hamidraw® 9100-B – Non-Chlorinated Stamping Lubricant

Hamidraw® 9100-B is an entirely non-chlorinated extreme pressure lubricant for heavy duty drawing and stamping. It contains a polymeric lubricant package which provides the extreme pressure lubricating properties of the chlorinated additives formerly used. Hamidraw® 9100-B is environmentally acceptable and has enhanced removability characteristics.

Hamidraw® 9014-LV and 9019 Hydroforming Lubricants

Hamidraw® 9014-LV and 9019 are tube hydroforming lubricants for applications to the outer diameter of parts being formed into dies. Both products are straight petroleum based lubes containing advanced additive packages that are free of sulfur, chlorine, and pigmented compounds. They have excellent forming characteristics and compare very favorably to chlorinated and sulfurized lubes when used on hydroforming operations involving severe metal deformation and elongation. Hamidraw® 9014-LV is a lighter viscosity version of the two products. Hamidraw® 9019 is heavier and possesses better film adherence properties.

Hamidraw® 9000-F – Non-Chlorinated Drawing Lubricant

Hamidraw® 9000-F is an entirely non-chlorinated extreme pressure lubricant for moderate duty drawing and stamping of steel and non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass or bronze. It is a soluble oil containing a polymeric lubricant package which provides the extreme pressure lubricating properties without the negative impact environmental issues associated with chlorinated additives. This formulation offers good corrosion prevention on steel and the non-ferrous metals; particularly copper and brass. It is formulated to provide enhanced anti-wear properties and mild boundary lubrication.

Hamidraw® 1945 Series Stamping Lubricants

Hamidraw® 1945 Series is a lubricant for stamping, blanking, and deep drawing of all metals. It is a heavy duty oil and can be cut back with mineral oil for lighter work. Removal from the metal can be done with solvents or alkaline cleaners. Hamidraw® 1945 is offered in viscosity grades from 100 SUS to 700 SUS.

Hamidraw® 1829 – Ultra-Heavy Duty Drawing Lubricant

Hamidraw® 1829 is an ultra-heavy duty, water soluble, extreme pressure lubricant, offering maximum lubricity for drawing, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including stainless steel. It is designed for extremely difficult draws to provide maximum extreme pressure lubrication and is non-staining to metals and carbide dies. The residual film offers corrosion protection for the drawn parts. If diluted at 1:1 with water, Hamidraw® 1829 forms a low viscosity, stable emulsion. Hamidraw® 1829 can also be diluted with petroleum solvents or mineral oils. Hamidraw® 1829 is suited to spray application or direct flood application onto workpiece or dies.