Pickle Life® 1673-D – Sulfuric Acid Extender

Pickle Life® 1673-D is an additive for extending the useful life of sulfuric acid pickling baths up to 12% iron.

Kathon™ CC – Biocide

Kathon™ CC is a broad-spectrum microbiocide that is extremely effective against bacteria, fungi, mold, and yeast even at low treatment levels. This unique formula allows the user to quickly test for the concentration of the biocide right at the sump. It is recommended for use in soluble, semi-synthetic and synthetic metalworking fluids and will immediately neutralize most foul odors. Kathon™ CC does not contain or release formaldehyde and does not contribute to ammonia blush common to many other biocides. (Note: Kathon™ is a trademark of Dow Chemical.)

Hamico® 8928 – pH Conditioner

Hamico® 8928 is an additive for metalworking fluids to improve effectiveness of the biocides in the fluid and to raise and stabilize pH. It possesses reserve alkalinity and is bio-resistant in nature. It is effective with synthetic, semi-synthetic, or soluble oils. It effectively neutralizes any acidic components in a solution and maintains fluid performance and longevity. It protects against production of acidic by products in the system through bioresistant properties.

Grotan – Biocide

Grotan is a broad spectrum bactericide and fungicide used extensively for the routine treatment of metalworking fluids. This product’s history dates back more than 30 years and it is used worldwide by both formulators and end-users of metalworking fluids to prevent microbial contamination. (Note: Grotan is a registered tradename of Troy Chemical)

Activol® 1793-B – Sulfuric Acid Additive

Activol® 1793-B is a sulfuric acid inhibitor for batch pickling. It is one of our strongest inhibitors, is a good “wetter” and provides a more uniform pickle and a better rinse. Additionally, it eliminates acid fumes and reduces hydrogen embrittlement. Pickle Life 1673-D (acid extender) and Activol® 1793-B can be used in combination to extend the life of the acid bath to iron levels of 7-12%. Activol® 1793-NF is a non-foaming version which can be used in operations utilizing combustion heating.

Activol® 1590-CP – Acid Inhibitor

Activol® 1590-CP is an acid additive for hydrochloric acid pickling solutions which imparts both “wetting” and detergency, while inhibiting base metal attack and offering fume control. Particularly useful in low temperature batch or continuous operations, Activol® 1590-CP prevents over-pickling and provides acid savings, reduces metal weight loss, fumes and hydrogen embitterment. This acid additive produces a bright uniform finish, prolongs pickle tank life, increases the speed of the pickling process and makes clear solutions in all acid concentrations which will not break down in acid storage tanks.

Atmoscleer® 8001 – Foam Blanket Additive

Atmoscleer® 8001 is a foam blanket additive for hydrochloric acid batch pickling baths. It imparts a densely packed, uniform layer of foam on the surface of a steel pickling bath. Some agitation may be required to generate the foam layer when there is not enough pickling action occurring, such as when the bath temperature is very low (below 1000F). It is extremely stable in hydrochloric acid baths containing high amounts of dissolved iron and under high temperature conditions. It cuts down on heat loss and holds corrosive hydrochloric fumes in the bath. It should be used in conjunction with Activol® acid inhibitors for hydrochloric acids, such as Activol® 1803, Activol® 1590-C, Activol® 1590–CP or Activol® 1903 for best results in batch pickling operations.