Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) and Water Quality

Shale Image for Fracking Blog

Shale Image for Fracking Blog
The EPA has released their draft report on the impact of Fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing) operations and drinking water. In their press release, the EPA states:

Assessment shows hydraulic fracturing activities have not led to widespread, systemic impacts to drinking water resources” 

Our own Bruce Entwisle, President of Harry Miller Corp, says, “The EPA, which is certainly no friend of industry, recently deemed fracking to be not harmful to ground waters. Unfortunately, there have been deceitful videos circulated purporting to show gas permeating wells as a result of fracking; these videos were made by environmental groups opposed to drilling of any sort, and they made great theatre regardless of their veracity. In reality, hydraulic fracturing is done significantly deeper than the water table, or aquifers.  Stainless steel casings that do not rust are driven through the water tables so that no leakage occurs during the process. We’re gratified that the EPA has spoken and hope that the public at large recognizes this boon to our economy that manifests itself in jobs and lower energy costs for all Americans.”

Harry Miller Corp provides its support for the Fracking industry, and will continue to provide top quality Acid Inhibitors for Fracking processes and other custom solutions for this and other industries.

Potentol® 2804 – Wetting Acid Inhibitor for Fracking Operations

Potentol® 2804 is a highly efficient (99.5% protection on most grades of steel) acid corrosion inhibitor. It is often used in fracking operations and in other acidizing operations and chemical cleaning operations in hydrochloric acid.

Potentol® 2804 offers excellent wetting properties and removes scale deposits on metal surfaces. It also enhances the surface brightness of steel, is fast rinsing and is stable in all acid cleaning solutions.

Potentol® 2804 offers excellent base metal protection and is used in chemical cleanouts of steam generation equipment such as boilers, pulp digesters (in the paper industry), and heat exchangers.

Potentol® 2803 – Organic Acid Inhibitor for Fracking Industry

Potentol® 2803 is an efficient (95% steel protection figures) organic acid inhibitor for use in acidizing operations and chemical cleaning applications in hydrochloric acid.

Potentol® 2803 is used in fracking operations that seek a more environmentally friendly acid inhibitor without heavy metals, arsenic, formaldehyde, acetylenic alcohols or flammable ingredients.

It can also be used in chemical cleanouts of steam generation equipment such as boilers, pulp digesters, and heat exchangers. Potentol® 2803 protects the tubing surfaces and welds in boiler cleaning operations, while the acid used (HCl or formic acids) removes the scale deposits targeted during the cleaning process.