Hamilube® 2078 – Stamping Lubricant

Hamilube® 2078 is a lubricant for stamping, blanking and deep drawing of steel, copper or brass. It is light viscosity oil designed for light to medium grade applications. While it is for use as received, it can be cut back with mineral oil for lighter work. The light film which 2078 deposits provides rust protection to steel parts after processing. Removal of the residue from the metal is accomplished with solvent degreasing, detergent, or alkaline cleaning. Hamilube® 2078-B is an upgraded version of Hamilube® 2078 designed to provide more lubricity and a heavier film thickness

Hamikut® 9120-NC – Chlorine-Free Soluble Oil Coolant

Hamikut® 9120-NC is an extremely effective chlorine free soluble oil for light and medium duty machining and grinding of steel, alloys, aluminum, and yellow non ferrous metals, like copper, brass or bronze. It produces superior micro-finishes, while maintaining stability in hard water. It has improved bio-resistance properties. It is designed for recycling and centrifuging, and is very low foaming. It produces an ultra-stable blue emulsion.

Hamikleer® 1990 – Bio-Resistant Coolant

Hamikleer® 1990 is a bio-resistant synthetic machining and grinding lubricant/coolant for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is extremely low foaming, which makes it useful in operations where foam control is essential, such as double disc or plunge grinding, or high speed machining. It provides lubrication needed for light to moderate duty machining operations, such as grinding, turning, drilling, reaming, and tapping. Hamikleer® 1990 is non-staining to non-ferrous metals and has a liquid residual film, which keeps machinery parts moving and provides good lubrication and rust protection to steel. It offers excellent wetting to keep swarf and fines from depositing on machinery, while enabling them to settle out quickly in central sumps. It rapidly rejects contaminants such as most tramp oils. It is highly bacterial resistant, which extends sump life of central and individual systems.

Hamico® 1003 – Lubricating Oil

Hamico® 1003 is a light colored, transparent, odorless lubricating oil for machinery and equipment requiring an extremely clean condition with a light oil. It can be used in many applications where light lubrication is needed, e.g., forming, bending, stamping, straightening. It can be used on all metals as received, by pumping, dip, spray or wipe.

Hamico® 138-L

Hamico® 138-L is designed for use as a vanishing oil. It contains lubricity additives which make it ideal for stamping, blanking or drawing of light to medium gauge steel and aluminum. Hamico® 138-L has extremely low odor, is non-emulsifying, has a rapid evaporation rate, and leaves minimal residue. Application of the lubricant can be via spraying, flooding or swabbing.