Kleerkut® 2900 – Low Oil Semi-Synthetic Coolant

Kleerkut® 2900 is a lower oil, heavy duty semi-synthetic lubricant containing extreme pressure additives. It is free of substances subject to reporting requirements of SARA Title III, Section 313. This product provides improved lubricity and excellent micro-finishes. It is low foaming, rejects tramp oils and is suitable for high pressure recirculation.

Kleerkut® 4900 – High-Oil Semi-Synthetic Coolant

Kleerkut® 4900 is a high oil semi-synthetic that performs a wide variety of machining and grinding applications on both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.  It provides excellent finishes, is extremely bio-resistant, splits out tramp oils and has superior rust protection.

Kleerkut® 1900-FR – Light Duty Coolant

Kleerkut® 1900-FR is a light duty semi-synthetic coolant for machining & grinding operations on steel, cast iron, and aluminum.

Hamilube® X-244-D – Honing Oil

Hamilube® X-244-D is a coolant and lubricant for honing, lapping, grinding and light cutting operations on steel or aluminum. It is a thin-bodied straight oil which provides a media by which a finish can be imparted to a steel surface. It lubricates and keeps stones and metal work pieces clean. It has good heat absorption/transfer properties and doesn’t cause gumming.

Hamilube® 9200-VP – Cutting Oil

Hamilube® 9200-VP is a chlorine free lubricant for the grinding and light machining of steel, copper, bronze or brass. It is a straight petroleum based lube containing an advanced additive package that is free of sulfur, chlorine, and pigmented compounds. It has excellent lubrication characteristics that compares very favorably to chlorinated and sulfurized lubes. While it is designed for use neat, as received, it can be cut back with mineral oil or solvents for lighter work. Removal of the residue from the metal can be performed with solvent degreasing, detergent, or alkaline cleaning.

Hamikut® 9120-NC – Chlorine-Free Soluble Oil Coolant

Hamikut® 9120-NC is an extremely effective chlorine free soluble oil for light and medium duty machining and grinding of steel, alloys, aluminum, and yellow non ferrous metals, like copper, brass or bronze. It produces superior micro-finishes, while maintaining stability in hard water. It has improved bio-resistance properties. It is designed for recycling and centrifuging, and is very low foaming. It produces an ultra-stable blue emulsion.

Hamikut® 9036-B – Soluble Oil Coolant

Hamikut® 9036-B is an enhanced heavy duty soluble oil lubricant for heavy duty machining of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including zinc. Provides corrosion protection, is low foaming, possesses excellent emulsion stability and produces good micro-finishes. It provides improved biological control capability for longer sump life in re-circulating systems.

Hamikut® 1937-A – Soluble Oil Coolant

Hamikut® 1937-A is a medium-duty, soluble oil containing extreme pressure additives used for machining and grinding ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including zinc. It provides extremely good emulsion stability and is highly tolerant to other contaminants typically carried into emulsions from prior operations.

Hamikut®1860-LC – Soluble Oil Coolant

Hamikut®1860-LC is a heavy duty soluble oil cutting and machining fluid. It contains extreme pressure lubricating additives which are low in color and odor, yet provide the greatest degree of lubrication for extreme surface and internal grinding operations where problems, such as burning, often develop. It can be used on carbon steel, stainless, and non-ferrous metals including aluminum, copper, and brass.

Hamikut® 100 – Soluble Oil Coolant

Hamikut® 100 is a new technology soluble oil metalworking lubricant that offers excellent bioresistance and stability to coolant systems. It can perform a wide variety of machining and grinding operations on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It offers cooling, excellent friction reduction, extremely low foam and will not sour with microbial contamination. It is free of substances subject to the reporting requirements of SARA Title III. It provides superior rust protection when used in sumps which typically encounter large amounts of contaminants. It is ideal for use in central systems. It is extremely easy to handle using filtration or centrifuge, and will not clog paper or filters.