Hamikleer® 8307-A and 8307-B

Hamikleer® 8307-A and 8307-B are water soluble synthetic couplants for contact ultrasonic testing replacing glycerin. They are chemically pure couplants that contain little or no contamination, which makes them acceptable for the testing requirements of turbine blade manufacturers. They are more highly pure compounds than the Hamikleer® 712 series of couplants.

Hamikleer® High Viscosity U.T. Couplants

Hamikleer® High Viscosity U.T. Couplants is a series of high viscosity versions of Hamikleer® 712-2 for ultrasonic testing of metals: Hamikleer® 712-HV-1 Viscosity – 38,000 – 45,000 cps @ 720F Hamikleer® 712-HV-2 Viscosity – 27,000 – 33,000 cps@ 720F Hamikleer® 712-HV-3 Viscosity – 5,000 – 8,000 cps @ 720F