Immunol® 1357-2-J – All-Purpose Detergent Cleaner

Immunol® 1357-2-J is a clear, medium body, green liquid. It is odorless, non-flammable and pH 7.0 neutral. It is used in paper manufacturing as calendar roll cleaner and felt conditioner. It is used as additive to soluble oil (or synthetic) systems to emulsify “tramp” or hydraulic oil, loosen sludge, settle heavy particles, lift “fines” or lighter bodies to the surface. This product prevents stains or rust on ground or polished work and prevents “smut” formation in rolling when added to the soluble rolling oil. It is also a successful and economical machine, floor and wall cleaner mixed with plain water at 2 to 6 ounces per gallon and applied by brush, mop, or rag.

Hamiterge® 1457 – Detergent Cleaner for Papermaking

Hamiterge® 1457 is a combination of soaps, detergents and wetting agents designed for paper mill felt scouring. Due to its low alkalinity, it will not harm woolen or semi-synthetic felts, yet will remove soils that may remain after acid cleaning.

Cellotone® 122 – Acidic Cleaner

Cellotone® 122 is an acidic, straw colored, clear liquid material containing a mixture of biodegradable, non-ionic detergents and solvents. It is designed for boil-out and cleaning and conditioning of paper machine felts and fourdrinier wires. Cellotone® 122 may be used for shutdown cleaning, cleaning on the fly, or continuous cleaning with metering equipment.

Cellotone® 62-L – Alkaline Cleaner

Cellotone® 62-L is a caustic soda based liquid containing chelants and anionic wetting agents. A low foaming nature makes it suitable for “wet end” boil-outs where a high degree of agitation usually exists.

Cellotone® 50 – Alkaline Cleaner

Cellotone® 50 is a highly alkaline powder based material containing chelants and nonionic wetting agents. Low foaming properties makes it suitable for “wet end” boil-outs where a high degree of agitation usually exists.

Activol® 9012 – Sulfamic Acid Inhibitor

Activol® 9012 is a powdered inhibitor for use in pickling operations using sulfamic acid. It imparts maximum inhibiting properties to sulfamic acid solutions reacting on steel. Use at 1-2% of the sulfamic acid weight in pickling baths, for reducing metal loss, fume prevention and reduction of hydrogen embrittlement. This product is also used to clean boilers or other steam generation equipment where sulfamic acid is utilized.