Immunol® Regular – Detergent Immersion Cleaner

Immunol® Regular is an immersion cleaner and rust preventive to impart clean, non-oily, invisible film of mild rust protection on metal parts with the exception of cast iron and cast steel. As a detergent, as a wetting agent, and to immunize water against rusting.

Purgitol® RPV-1 – Detergent Immersion Cleaner

Purgitol® RPV-1 is a liquid metal cleaner concentrate for use in immersion tanks, ultrasonic cleaning, or rotary barrel cleaning systems. Its use is for removal of oily soils, such as machining, grinding, or drawing oil residues, synthetic coolants, rust preventives, lubricating oils, and rolling oils. It can be used on steel, cast and malleable iron, and non-ferrous metal surfaces.

Kleerkut® 4900 – High-Oil Semi-Synthetic Coolant

Kleerkut® 4900 is a high oil semi-synthetic that performs a wide variety of machining and grinding applications on both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.  It provides excellent finishes, is extremely bio-resistant, splits out tramp oils and has superior rust protection.

Hamiterge® 8922 – Liquid Alkaline Spray Cleaner

Hamiterge® 8922 is a concentrated liquid alkaline spray cleaner for removal of rolling oil residues, drawing and stamping lubricants, rust preventives, metallic chips and fines, and other oily soils, shop or mill dirt from steel strip, wire, rod and bars. It is designed for use in power spray washers or roto-brush type cleaning equipment at elevated or ambient temperatures in dilutions with water. It is low foaming, completely biodegradable, and free rinsing. It will not buildup hard water deposits and contains no phosphates.

Hamilube® 5705 – Cutting Oil

Hamilube® 5705 is a straight oil containing extreme pressure additives for the general machining of tool steel and stainless steel. It contains no chlorinated compounds, phosphorus or animal fats. Not suitable for use with non-ferrous metals.

Hamilube® 1955-A – Cutting Oil

Hamilube® 1955-A is a straight oil non-chlorinated lubricant that contains extreme pressure additives for the general machining of tool steel and stainless steel. It contains no chlorinated compounds or phosphorus. It is transparent to allow viewing of the work piece during machining. It is not suitable for use with non-ferrous metals. It contains active sulfur and is non-staining on steel.

Hamikut® 9036-B – Soluble Oil Coolant

Hamikut® 9036-B is an enhanced heavy duty soluble oil lubricant for heavy duty machining of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including zinc. Provides corrosion protection, is low foaming, possesses excellent emulsion stability and produces good micro-finishes. It provides improved biological control capability for longer sump life in re-circulating systems.

Hamikut® 1937-A – Soluble Oil Coolant

Hamikut® 1937-A is a medium-duty, soluble oil containing extreme pressure additives used for machining and grinding ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including zinc. It provides extremely good emulsion stability and is highly tolerant to other contaminants typically carried into emulsions from prior operations.

Hamico® 1003 – Lubricating Oil

Hamico® 1003 is a light colored, transparent, odorless lubricating oil for machinery and equipment requiring an extremely clean condition with a light oil. It can be used in many applications where light lubrication is needed, e.g., forming, bending, stamping, straightening. It can be used on all metals as received, by pumping, dip, spray or wipe.

Hamico® 863-EP

Hamico® 863-EP Base is normally used as received, but can be diluted with oil, solvents, or water, depending on the operation. It may be applied by dipping, spray, or brushing. It is a combination of extreme pressure lubricants. It is used either neat or with oil. It is used primarily for tapping operations on steel. It will not corrode steel or aluminum on contact, but will stain brass and copper.