Hamilube® 5705 – Cutting Oil

Hamilube® 5705 is a straight oil containing extreme pressure additives for the general machining of tool steel and stainless steel. It contains no chlorinated compounds, phosphorus or animal fats. Not suitable for use with non-ferrous metals.

Hamilube® 1955-A – Cutting Oil

Hamilube® 1955-A is a straight oil non-chlorinated lubricant that contains extreme pressure additives for the general machining of tool steel and stainless steel. It contains no chlorinated compounds or phosphorus. It is transparent to allow viewing of the work piece during machining. It is not suitable for use with non-ferrous metals. It contains active sulfur and is non-staining on steel.

Hamilube® 1744 – Cutting Oil

Hamilube® 1744 is a straight oil containing extreme pressure additives for general machining of all metals, including Magnesium.

Hamilube® 1328-N – Cutting Oil

Hamilube® 1328-N contains no chlorinated compounds and only minimal amounts of sulfur and phosphorus. It has a light viscosity to flush away metal chips and provide efficient heat removal from the work and tooling. It is suitable for machining operations such as trepanning, threading, tapping, turning, milling and drilling of steel.

Hamico® 1003 – Lubricating Oil

Hamico® 1003 is a light colored, transparent, odorless lubricating oil for machinery and equipment requiring an extremely clean condition with a light oil. It can be used in many applications where light lubrication is needed, e.g., forming, bending, stamping, straightening. It can be used on all metals as received, by pumping, dip, spray or wipe.

Hamico® 863-EP

Hamico® 863-EP Base is normally used as received, but can be diluted with oil, solvents, or water, depending on the operation. It may be applied by dipping, spray, or brushing. It is a combination of extreme pressure lubricants. It is used either neat or with oil. It is used primarily for tapping operations on steel. It will not corrode steel or aluminum on contact, but will stain brass and copper.

Hamidraw® 9100-B – Non-Chlorinated Stamping Lubricant

Hamidraw® 9100-B is an entirely non-chlorinated extreme pressure lubricant for heavy duty drawing and stamping. It contains a polymeric lubricant package which provides the extreme pressure lubricating properties of the chlorinated additives formerly used. Hamidraw® 9100-B is environmentally acceptable and has enhanced removability characteristics.

Hamidraw® 9014-LV and 9019 Hydroforming Lubricants

Hamidraw® 9014-LV and 9019 are tube hydroforming lubricants for applications to the outer diameter of parts being formed into dies. Both products are straight petroleum based lubes containing advanced additive packages that are free of sulfur, chlorine, and pigmented compounds. They have excellent forming characteristics and compare very favorably to chlorinated and sulfurized lubes when used on hydroforming operations involving severe metal deformation and elongation. Hamidraw® 9014-LV is a lighter viscosity version of the two products. Hamidraw® 9019 is heavier and possesses better film adherence properties.

Hamidraw® 1945 Series Stamping Lubricants

Hamidraw® 1945 Series is a lubricant for stamping, blanking, and deep drawing of all metals. It is a heavy duty oil and can be cut back with mineral oil for lighter work. Removal from the metal can be done with solvents or alkaline cleaners. Hamidraw® 1945 is offered in viscosity grades from 100 SUS to 700 SUS.

Hamidraw® 497-MX-2 – Stamping Lubricant

Hamidraw® 497-MX-2 is composed of extreme pressure resisting chlorinated base and synthetic esters. Pigmented and non-flammable, this product is completely removable in mineral solvents, chlorinated solvents and hot alkaline cleaners. It will not channel and is cohesive and adhesive. The viscosity of this product can be reduced by cutting back with solvents or mineral oils.