Hamilube® 9200-VP – Cutting Oil

Hamilube® 9200-VP is a chlorine free lubricant for the grinding and light machining of steel, copper, bronze or brass. It is a straight petroleum based lube containing an advanced additive package that is free of sulfur, chlorine, and pigmented compounds. It has excellent lubrication characteristics that compares very favorably to chlorinated and sulfurized lubes. While it is designed for use neat, as received, it can be cut back with mineral oil or solvents for lighter work. Removal of the residue from the metal can be performed with solvent degreasing, detergent, or alkaline cleaning.

Hamilube® 1989 – Synthetic Drawing Lubricant

Hamilube® 1989 is a specially formulated synthetic lubricant for use in metal forming operations on aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, such as cooper or brass. It is recommended for drawing, stamping, blanking and cutting as a replacement for petroleum based straight oils. It contains no oil, sulfur, or chlorine. It provides excellent high film strength boundary lubrication, leaves no residue upon burnoff in an anneal, and is easily removed. Hamilube®1989-B is a lower viscosity version of Hamilube® 1989.