Aerokut® 22B – Grinding Coolant

Aerokut® 22 B is a totally synthetic grinding fluid which provides rust protection for machined parts at concentrations as low as 3% by volume. Aerokut 22 B is especially formulated for grinding operations where cooling, rust protection, and cleanliness are of primary concern.

Steelgard® 9050 — Biodegradable Indoor Rust Protection

Steelgard® 9050 is a synthetic water soluble, concentrated rust preventive for temporary indoor storage protection of steel and cast or malleable iron. Solutions provide excellent rust protection for months of indoor storage under normal conditions. It darkens aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. This product deposits a film that is dry to the touch.

Steelgard® 8200-H — Synthetic Rust Preventive

Steelgard® 8200-H is a synthetic rust preventive concentrate for the indoor storage protection of steel and copper coated steel. It produces a clear solution in water dilutions, so it can be utilized as a test tank additive for pressure testing of tubing.

Steelgard® 1302-J – Synthetic Rust Preventive

Steelgard® 1302-J is for rust protection of all ferrous metals, including cast and malleable iron. It is ideal for spray washer application for mild cleaning and rust protection.

Immunol® 1809-J – Ultrasonic NDT Additive

Immunol® 1809-J is an additive for ultrasonic and hydrostatic testing operations. It is an ideal corrosion inhibitor for ferrous and non-ferrous metals and couples. It is also employed as a grinding coolant for light duty applications.

Immunol® 1357-2-J – All-Purpose Detergent Cleaner

Immunol® 1357-2-J is a clear, medium body, green liquid. It is odorless, non-flammable and pH 7.0 neutral. It is used in paper manufacturing as calendar roll cleaner and felt conditioner. It is used as additive to soluble oil (or synthetic) systems to emulsify “tramp” or hydraulic oil, loosen sludge, settle heavy particles, lift “fines” or lighter bodies to the surface. This product prevents stains or rust on ground or polished work and prevents “smut” formation in rolling when added to the soluble rolling oil. It is also a successful and economical machine, floor and wall cleaner mixed with plain water at 2 to 6 ounces per gallon and applied by brush, mop, or rag.

Hamilube® 1989 – Synthetic Drawing Lubricant

Hamilube® 1989 is a specially formulated synthetic lubricant for use in metal forming operations on aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, such as cooper or brass. It is recommended for drawing, stamping, blanking and cutting as a replacement for petroleum based straight oils. It contains no oil, sulfur, or chlorine. It provides excellent high film strength boundary lubrication, leaves no residue upon burnoff in an anneal, and is easily removed. Hamilube®1989-B is a lower viscosity version of Hamilube® 1989.

Hamikleer® 8307-A and 8307-B

Hamikleer® 8307-A and 8307-B are water soluble synthetic couplants for contact ultrasonic testing replacing glycerin. They are chemically pure couplants that contain little or no contamination, which makes them acceptable for the testing requirements of turbine blade manufacturers. They are more highly pure compounds than the Hamikleer® 712 series of couplants.

Hamikleer® 2095 – Synthetic Coolant

Hamikleer® 2095 is a synthetic grinding and machining coolant concentrate designed to be used on both ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, and also on milling of scale from copper or brass strip. Solutions provide excellent rust protection for cast iron and ferrous alloys with no staining on zinc, copper, brass, and bronze. The solution keeps wheels clean and suspends metallic fines and swarf, preventing their precipitation on ways, tables, and other work surfaces. It will not turn rancid and does not cause dermatitis.

Hamikleer® 1995 – Heavy Duty Synthetic Coolant

Hamikleer® 1995 is a bio-resistant synthetic machining and grinding lubricant/coolant for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is extremely low foaming, which makes it useful in operations where foam control is essential, such as double disc or plunge grinding, or high speed machining. It provides lubrication needed for moderate to heavy duty machining operations, such as turning, drilling, reaming, broaching, boring and tapping. It is non-staining to non-ferrous metals, (e.g., copper alloys and aluminum), contains extreme pressure friction reducing lubricant additives, and provides good lubrication and rust protection to steel. Hamikleer® 1995 has a liquid residual film, which keeps machinery parts moving, and has excellent wetting to keep swarf and fines from depositing on machinery, and enabling them to settle out quickly in central sumps. It rejects contaminants such as most tramp oils and is highly bacterial resistant, which extends sump life of central and individual system