Immunol® S-6 – Cleaner and Degreaser

Immunol® S-6 is used for all general cleaning and degreasing of ferrous and non-ferrous parts and equipment replacing flammable, toxic solvents and alkaline cleaners. Immunol® S-6 emulsifies oils, mill soils and provides mild indoor rust protection in one operation. Immunol® S-6 is used in steel mills, metalworking plants, paper and textile mills as a “general purpose” solvent cleaner and is widely used in tumbling and as a “bucket” solvent. Immunol® S-6 may also used as additive for vibratory deburring or finishing. (Use Immunol S-6-I grade for additional aluminum protection.)

Immunol® AC-11 – Metal Cleaner and Brightener

Immunol® AC-11 is a cleaner/brightener for usage in vibratory finishing or tumbling operations. A mildly acidic compound, it brightens steel, copper or brass parts. It provides detergency and wetting to suspend and carry off oils and smut from the surface of the metal parts being cleaned. It will not rust steel media. It is inhibited against attack on aluminum, so it will not etch the surface. This product is compatible with plastic, steel or ceramic media.

Immunol® 1921 – Immersion Cleaner and Rust Preventive

Immunol® 1921 is a combination cleaner and rust preventive concentrate for use as a vibratory de-burring compound with water on castings of iron, steel or aluminum.