Hamiterge® 711-5-LF – Alkaline Spray Cleaner

Hamiterge® 711-5-LF is a powdered alkaline cleaner designed for spray cleaning of mill soils from steel surfaces. Hamiterge® 711-5-LF can be used on aluminum, copper and brass as well.

Hamiterge® 8904 – Alkaline Spray Cleaner

Hamiterge® 8904 is a concentrated liquid alkaline spray cleaner for removal of oily films, metallic chips and fines, shop or mill dirt, and lube oil residues from steel and aluminum surfaces. Hamiterge® 8904 is designed for use in single or multi stage power spray washers or roto-brush type washers at elevated or ambient temperature conditions. Hamiterge® 8904 can be diluted with hot or cold water, is low foaming, and free rinsing. Hamiterge® 8904 will not form insoluble residues in hard water and has good oil rejection properties, making it suitable for recirculating systems. Hamiterge® 8904 provides mild rust protection to steel, and it is non-staining to aluminum.

Purgitol® TMB – Sump Cleaner

Purgitol® TMB is used as a sump cleaner and/or additive to soluble oil (or synthetic coolant) systems in machine shops as an emulsifier of “tramp” oils and a system cleaner. Purgitol® TMB loosens sludge and metallic buildup in lines, settles heavy particles, and kills bacteria and fungus while it protects against stains and rust on ground or polished surfaces. Purgitol® TMB can be used on steel, cast and malleable iron, and on non-ferrous metals, however, a darkening of aluminum will occur upon prolonged contact.

Immunol® S-6 – Cleaner and Degreaser

Immunol® S-6 is used for all general cleaning and degreasing of ferrous and non-ferrous parts and equipment replacing flammable, toxic solvents and alkaline cleaners. Immunol® S-6 emulsifies oils, mill soils and provides mild indoor rust protection in one operation. Immunol® S-6 is used in steel mills, metalworking plants, paper and textile mills as a “general purpose” solvent cleaner and is widely used in tumbling and as a “bucket” solvent. Immunol® S-6 may also used as additive for vibratory deburring or finishing. (Use Immunol S-6-I grade for additional aluminum protection.)

Immunol® Regular – Detergent Immersion Cleaner

Immunol® Regular is an immersion cleaner and rust preventive to impart clean, non-oily, invisible film of mild rust protection on metal parts with the exception of cast iron and cast steel. As a detergent, as a wetting agent, and to immunize water against rusting.

Hamiterge® 2073-A – Alkaline Immersion Cleaner

Hamiterge® 2073-A is a concentrated liquid alkaline immersion cleaner for removal of rolling oil residues, metallic chips and fines, oily soils, and shop or mill dirt from tube, bars or flat steel surfaces and other ferrous metal parts. It is designed for use in immersion tanks or roto-brush type cleaning equipment at elevated or ambient temperature conditions in dilutions with water. It is especially effective in removal of powdered and high viscosity drawing lubricants.

Kleerkut® 2900 – Low Oil Semi-Synthetic Coolant

Kleerkut® 2900 is a lower oil, heavy duty semi-synthetic lubricant containing extreme pressure additives. It is free of substances subject to reporting requirements of SARA Title III, Section 313. This product provides improved lubricity and excellent micro-finishes. It is low foaming, rejects tramp oils and is suitable for high pressure recirculation.

Hamikleer® X-231-LF – Synthetic Grinding Coolant

Hamikleer® X-231-LF is a synthetic lubricant well suited for roll grinding and Blanchard grinding. It provides solution clarity, bioresistance; low foam, and longevity in recirculating system. The use dilution is 2-5% in water.

Hamiterge® 711-5 – Powdered Alkaline Cleaner

Hamiterge® 711-5 is a powdered alkaline cleaner designed for immersion cleaning of mill soils from steel surfaces and can be used on aluminum, copper and brass.

Sunspeed® PA-7 – Acid Pickling Accelerator

Sunspeed® PA-7 is an acid pickling accelerator containing organic compounds designed to accelerate scale removal from hot rolled steels. It was specifically developed* for use in hydrochloric acid pickling systems. It accelerates the reaction between the hydrochloric acid and scale components; FeO, Fe2O3 and Fe3O4 to increasing the rate of scale removal.

*Developed by Sugimura Chemical Industrial Company, Ltd.