Hamiterge® 2073-A – Alkaline Immersion Cleaner

Hamiterge® 2073-A is a concentrated liquid alkaline immersion cleaner for removal of rolling oil residues, metallic chips and fines, oily soils, and shop or mill dirt from tube, bars or flat steel surfaces and other ferrous metal parts. It is designed for use in immersion tanks or roto-brush type cleaning equipment at elevated or ambient temperature conditions in dilutions with water. It is especially effective in removal of powdered and high viscosity drawing lubricants.

Hamiterge® 711-5 – Powdered Alkaline Cleaner

Hamiterge® 711-5 is a powdered alkaline cleaner designed for immersion cleaning of mill soils from steel surfaces and can be used on aluminum, copper and brass.

Sunspeed® PA-7 – Acid Pickling Accelerator

Sunspeed® PA-7 is an acid pickling accelerator containing organic compounds designed to accelerate scale removal from hot rolled steels. It was specifically developed* for use in hydrochloric acid pickling systems. It accelerates the reaction between the hydrochloric acid and scale components; FeO, Fe2O3 and Fe3O4 to increasing the rate of scale removal.

*Developed by Sugimura Chemical Industrial Company, Ltd.

Steelgard® 535-RP — Corrosion Prevention for Brass, Copper, Bronze

Steelgard® 535-RP is a soluble oil, containing an improved rust protection package, for prevention of tarnish and/or corrosion on copper, brass and bronze, as well as on ferrous surfaces. It protects against corrosion to steel for up to 6 months of indoor storage under normal plant humidity conditions when applied at 1:10 in water.

Purgitol® S – Heavy-Duty Cleaner

Purgitol® S is the answer for machine shops seeking to replace toxic, odorous, irritating solvents in their immersion cleaning operations. Purgitol® S cleans machining and drawing oils and lubricants, yet it contains no flammable or toxic ingredients.

Pickle Life® 1673-D – Sulfuric Acid Extender

Pickle Life® 1673-D is an additive for extending the useful life of sulfuric acid pickling baths up to 12% iron.

Immunol® S-6-H – Detergent Immersion Cleaner

Immunol® S-6-H is a detergent type cleaner for soak tank cleaning and degreasing of ferrous and non-ferrous parts. It emulsifies oils such as drawing compounds and rust preventives, and removes mill soils and smut very effectively. It may also be used for general purpose cleaning as a “bucket” solvent to replace more flammable or toxic materials. If used on aluminum, extended immersion times (one hour or more) produce darkening. Use Immunol® S-6-I as an alternative for aluminum.

Immunol® 985-J – Detergent Spray Cleaner

Immunol® 985-J is a low foaming detergent spray cleaner for metal surfaces. It contains rust preventives which protect ferrous metals after cleaning for short periods indoors. It is a completely nitrite free product. It removes mineral and fatty mill soils completely without saponification; therefore, it is not spent in use.

Hamiterge® 8922 – Liquid Alkaline Spray Cleaner

Hamiterge® 8922 is a concentrated liquid alkaline spray cleaner for removal of rolling oil residues, drawing and stamping lubricants, rust preventives, metallic chips and fines, and other oily soils, shop or mill dirt from steel strip, wire, rod and bars. It is designed for use in power spray washers or roto-brush type cleaning equipment at elevated or ambient temperatures in dilutions with water. It is low foaming, completely biodegradable, and free rinsing. It will not buildup hard water deposits and contains no phosphates.

Hamiterge® 2038-LFM – Alkaline Immersion Cleaner

Hamiterge® 2038-LFM is a highly caustic liquid alkaline cleaner for immersion cleaning operations requiring a strongly alkaline solution. It is for removal of extremely difficult soils from ferrous metal surfaces at elevated temperatures. It has excellent wetting and detergency. It can be used at high concentration and elevated temperature for removal of phosphate coatings and drawing lube residues from steel parts, such as tube, rod, bar, or wire. It is completely soluble in water and is free rinsing.